2. Michelangelo Stars in the Luca Larenza Fall/Winter 2012/13 Campaign

  3. bb inspiration: Jack Nicholson

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  4. bb inspiration: Leonardo DiCaprio

  5. La Mer, Eye Balm, $165; cremedelamer.com

    Finally, the last of the three eye lightning creams I have spotlighted. La Mer eye balm may be one of my favorite eye creams right now.  It’s deeply conditioning, smooth, and hydrating lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and may be a wrinkles worst enemy. La Mer uses the purest ingredients from the sea to form a super secrete “miracle broth” that really revitalizes your face. 

  6. bb inspiration: Ernest Hemingway

  7. bb inspiration: james dean

    Here is bitchless beauty’s daily dose of masculine beauty inspiration.  

    It’s all about the glasses. Find a thick and bold pair of reading glasses that make you look more rebellious then nerdy.

  8. Juara, Sweet Black Eye Tea Cream, $38; juaraskincare.com


    Here is the second eye lighting product. Try this sweet black eye tea cream by Juara that contains kombucha, Vitamin E, and rice bran oil, and gets rid of dark spots and wrinkles leaving your eyes cleansed and bright. It also replenishes everything from past sunburn damage to wind damage from early winter skiing trips. It is simple, fragrance-free, fast-absorbing and comes in a great and portable brown vintage looking tube. 

  9. Brad Pitt’s Chanel ad 

    This is how to successfully rock the scruffy and untidy look. This holiday season, let it grow. 


  10. bb inspiration: clint eastwood  

    Here is bitchless beauty’s daily dose of masculine beauty inspiration.  

    A young Clint Eastwood rocking a strong and sophisticated yet rebellious and grungy look. It’s all about the hair and of course the attitude. The effortlessly cool tossed back hair style that is just the perfect amount of messy and neat, says ‘I am a clean cut and put together but may have just had wild sex in the closet.’